Anyone on skates (players and refs) must have annual insurance from CRDi to skate. It’s a two-step process that take up to four weeks to come into effect.

Step 1

Download this form from CRDi, fill it out and print a copy for the league.

Step 2

Enter your own information into the CRDi West online form.

  • When prompted to answer  “What type of insurance do you need?” select the option “2015 CRDi $50 Membership”.

All YRG skaters must pay for their own insurance. Payment “through home league” is not an option used by YRG. Choose PAYPAL, money order or e-mail transfer.

  • E-mail transfer with your name and what you are paying CRDi for (year CRDi $50 Membership) in the email transfer comments area. The security question is: What is the best sport?  Answer: rollerderby2015