From “Fresh Meat” to seasoned veterans, YRG welcomes women of all skill levels to roller derby. Whether you are looking for an athletic or a personal challenge, or just want to be part of the derby community – this fun, full-contact sport fits the bill. The non-profit league is made possible thanks to great sponsors, volunteer referees, and a dedicated crew of players who keep the whole thing going.

Get involved

There’s a role for just about anyone in roller derby. Check out how you can be involved.


Fresh Meat

New recruits are affectionately known as Fresh Meat. YRG creates a supportive environment into which we welcome skaters of any ability. We’ll work you hard while teaching you what you need to know to skate safely.  Sorry juniors and dudes, only women 19 years and older are currently able to play in YRG.

Player intake is done periodically throughout the year. Occasionally, we will take new players outside of the scheduled Fresh Meat training. Player transfer from other leagues are welcome at any time. Contact at any time to let us know you’re interested in skating and to get information about the next intake.

Gear list

Dress in athletic wear and bring running shoes for the off-skate workout. From top to bottom, you’ll need:

  • a helmet
  • mouthguard
  • elbow pads
  • wrist guards
  • knee pads
  • roller skates (quads, not blades)

Check out the Fresh Meat gear package at Rollergirl.

For your first two weeks on skates, you’ll sign a waiver and be covered under league insurance. After that, you must purchase insurance annually from CRDi.

Refs and NSOs

Volunteer referees and non-skating officials are essential to any league. Men and women can be refs or NSOs.

Typically bouts have 7 refs on skate and another handful of NSO timing the penalty box,  timing jams, tracking infractions, keeping score, and more.

NSO training ramps up before bouts, so regular time commitment to the league is lower than for referees. Refs need on-skate practice for their own speed and agility, and off-skate time to learn the rule set, and more on-skate time to train their eyes to see it all.

Contact us if you are interested in refereeing.